Rewind nos wire pat.64


Fuller and warmer with more mids than the T-Top sets. Brighter and tighter with more crispness than the P A F sets.

These fall in between the P A F sets and the T-Top sets, both historically in production and also in sound. Less of the spanky jangle of the T-Tops, but tighter and more focused sounding than the generally warmer and fuller sounding P A F humbuckers. These are extremely responsive to the guitar’s controls. They have a nice crisp pick attack and tight detailed bass. Bright and clean when you roll back the volume and thick and vocal when you roll up the volume and bring the tone control down. If you like the sound of Clapton’s 1964 Cherry Red ES-335 or his 1964 SG as used in Cream, these are the perfect choice.


Compared to the stock production ones, this set has been wrapped with extremely rare 50’s nos wire.



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