Rewind nos wire low wind


Previously called the “Low Output A5 P A F” the name was changed because, with the addition of the stronger A5 magnet version, the output designation no longer applied.

More treble and output and less midrange than the ReWind Electric Low Output A2 P A F Set.

Exact clones of an early 1960’s AlNiCo II PAF set, the Low Output PAFs truly capture the well known and classic sound of the last-of-the-run PAFs at the end of Kalamazoo’s glory days. With custom wire sizes for each of the four coils, chemically identical steel alloys, eight hole keeper bars, and custom cast magnets to match chemical makeup, grain size, temperature cycling and resulting sound this set is truly a remarkable representation of the originals in every way. Bright overall, but full and balanced, with the very characteristic metallic chirp in the upper-mids and lower-treble that has defined the PAF voice on so many classic recordings. These custom brighter-sounding American AlNiCo II magnets, made exclusively for ReWind, have a prominent midrange with a slight midrange compression and a very sweet singing treble with excellent sustain on single notes, exactly like the vintage originals which were partially destroyed in the research process for these pickups. The Low Output PAFs are extremely articulate with some of the best note separation ever heard in humbuckers and a voice that is likely the most widely associated with “vintage PAFs.” These truly represent the sweeter, chirpy PAFs of the early 1960’s both in construction and in voice. A better representation is not likely to be found.

Compared to the stock production ones, this set has been wrapped with extremely rare 50’s nos wire.



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