Frog Marquee MCMLIX


Frog Marquee 100 watt in red color head cabinet

Frog said: Marquee MCMLIX is our tribute to the magnificence of the most important tube amp in Rock History!
With this amp you can recreate some of the best sought-after classic Rock British Tones and much… much more.
Everything has been conceived, designed and crafted to give you the chance to play with the sounds that marked an era (from 1968 to 1980) and which, even today, are the undisputed reference point if we talk about Rock, Blues, Hard Rock , Metal…
With its incredible power amp reserve, dynamic range, punch and cut through the mix ability, this amp can lead you to Rock Sounds Nirvana at any volume thanks to our proven dual master, brown boost, effects loop, wild mode and switching capability.
If you want to take a dip in the past with all the comforts of a modern amplifier look no further.




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